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  • A Dog's Nature
    This article explains some of the common behaviours that all dogs share. Understaniding these drives is the key to understanding and training your dog.

  • All Natural Homemade Dog Treats Recipes
    In this article, Grover shares three of this favorite all natural homemade dog treat recipes. Try them out and see what your dog thinks!

  • Basic Commands
    This page explains why all dogs should learn the basic commands that are outlined in this section. Most of the commands are quite easy to teach, but they will take some time and patience on your part.

  • Canine Arthritis Treatment
    All dogs are likely to get some form of canine arthritis as they age. This article looks at some possible treatments in order to make life easier for your dog.

  • Canine Cancer and Treatments
    Canine cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental canine death in the USA. If your dog is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed here, you should take him to your vet for treatment immediately.

  • Canine Hot Spots Treatments
    Hot spots are a condition that can occur on a dog when its skin looses its natural resistance to bacteria. This article discusses the condition and the possible canine hot spots treatments that are available.

  • Come
    When you give the command to your dog to "Come", you want him to stop whatever he is doing and run towards you as fast as possible. This command can actually get your dog out of potentially hazardous situations, so it's a good one to learn.

  • cure yeast infection dog
    Yeast normally live harmlessly on a dog's skin. However, if conditions change and they multiply, they can make your dog's skin itchy, crutsy, and smelly. This article describes how you can cure yeast infections in your dog.

  • Dog Day Care New York
    Some people are so busy, they are not able to provide their dog with the attention he needs. For these people, dog day care may be an option. Once only available in major cities like New York or Los Angeles, dog day cares are in pretty much every major North American city. This article attempts to give an idea of what you should be looking for in a dog day care.

  • Dog Flea Treatment
    Fleas are natural pests that can annoy you and actually harm your dog. This article explains what to do if your dog has fleas.

  • Dog Health
    This section contains articles on how to keep your dog healthy. Topics convered include natural vs commercial dog food, all natural homemade dog treats recipes and canine hot spot treatments.

  • Dog Hygiene
    This page give an overview of all of the articles that are written on dog hygiene.

  • Dog Panniculitis Treatment
    Canine Panniculitis is a condition in which the layer of fat just below a dog's skin becomes inflamed and agitated. This can be extermely uncomfortable for your dog. This article describes the condition as well as possible treatment.

  • Dog Potty Training
    In this article Grover gives some advice on how to properly house train your dog. The key, as always, is patience and clear instructions.

  • Dog Stuff
    There are many different kinds of dog products you can buy your dog. This section contains articles on the main dog products that your dog will need.

  • Dog Toys Information
    This article gives an overview of the different kinds of dog toys that are available, as well as some cautions that should be noted with each.

  • Dog Training Introduction
    This page explains why proper dog training is so crucial to having a long,happy, and stress free relationship with your dog.

  • DogHouse Information
    If your dog spends a significant amount of time outside, he will need a doghouse. This article outlines some of the options available to you.

  • Electronic Fences - Pros and Cons
    Electronic fences can be expensive, but are useful for those who don't want to or can't erect a regular fence. However, there are downsides to electronic fences, which this article details.

  • Finding A Trainer
    If you feel as a dog owner that you lack the time, patience, or energy to properly train your dog, finding a good trainer is important. This article descirbes some of the attributes you should be looking for in a dog trainer

  • Food That You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog
    Dogs simply cannot consume the same food that humans can. Some foods that are quite safe for people can actually be deadly for your dog! This article outlines food that you shouldn't feed your dog (ever!)

  • Grover's Dog Pound- Home
    This is the home page for the Grover's Dog Pound website. It is where Grover introduces himself, as well as the topics that he covers, such as dog training, dog food, dog grooming, etc.

  • Heel
    With the "Heel" command, you want your dog to stay by your heel no matter what. This is a tricky command to learn ,but it can be taught with a little time and patience.

  • How Do I Drain My Dogs Anal Sacs
    Most people are unaware that their dogs even have anal sacs. This is not a good thing, as your dog might need help draining them from time to time. This article explains how to drain your dogs anal sacs.

  • How Do I Stop a Dog from Jumping
    Dogs jump on people in order to sniff their noses and say hello. However, this can be dangerous, which is why it's important to train your dog to abstain from this behavior.

  • how to brush my dogs teeth
    "Do I have to brush my dog's teeth?" The answer is yes! In this article, Grover explains why you doggy dental care is important, and how to do it.

  • How to Clean a Dogs Ears
    Cleaning your dog's ears is not difficult. In this article, Grover explains how to clean a dog's ears.

  • How to Clean and Remove Dog Urine
    This article explains how to clean and remove dog urine. It also explains some tactics to stop those yellow spots on your grass that dog urine can create.

  • How to Control Excessive Shedding by your Dog
    All dogs shed (unless they are hairless). Some shed excessively. Can anything be done to control excessive shedding by a dog?

  • How to House Break a Dog
    This article describes how to house break or house train a fully grown dog. It can be done, but it will take some time and a little patience.

  • How to Introduce Cats and Dogs
    In this article Grover explains how you can successfully introduce cats and dogs to each other. They can get along, if you do it right.

  • How to Prevent Aggression Between Dogs
    Aggressive behaviour can never be tolerated in dogs, either towards people or other dogs. This behaviour must be curtailed in puppies, and professional help is required in the case of adult dogs.

  • How to Remove a Tick from a Dog
    Ticks can transmit a variety of diseases to your dog, including Lyme disease. This article explains how to remove a tick if you find one on your dog.

  • How to Remove Skunk Odor from Dogs
    If your dog is sprayed by a skunk, it can be tough to get him clean again. This article outlines how you can remove skunk odor from a dog.

  • How to Start Training a Dog for Agility
    In this article, Grover explains how to start training a dog for agility. He explains the benefits, the equipment needed, as well as when to a puppy can safely start this training.

  • How To Stop A Dog From Barking
    All dogs bark, although some bark a lot more than others. If you want to learn how to stop a dog from barking, this article is for you.

  • How to Stop a Puppy from Biting and Nipping
    Puppies often play by biting and nipping their littermates. However, this kind of play is unacceptable, and cannot be allowed.

  • How to Stop Dogs from Digging
    To the bane of many dog owner, all dogs like to dig. If you are looking to save your garden or lawn, this article provides information on how to stop dogs from digging.

  • How to Stop Puppy Humping
    Most people do not like the sight of their brand new puppy humping everything and everyone in site. This article outlines how to stop puppy humping.

  • How to Train a Cairn Terrier Puppy
    Although cairn terriers are highly intelligent dogs, their independent and stubborn nature can make them tough to train. On this page, Grover gives some thoughts on how to train a cairn terrier puppy.

  • Information on Dog Collars
    Dog collars are a great help when it comes to training your dog, as well as controlling him in public. This article describes the different kinds of collars out there.

  • Let's Go
    When you are walking your dog, you want him to walk with you, not run off in eight different directions. This is where the "Let's Go!" command is helpful.

  • Lie Down
    The Lie Down command is another very beneficial command to teach your dog, as it can help calm in in situations in which he might get excited. It is very easy to teach, as well.

  • Natural vs Commercial Dog Food
    Is there any advantage to feeding your dog natural vs commercial dog food? Opinions vary on the subject. This article attempts to give both sides of the issue.

  • Other Dog Articles
    This section contains articles that were found on the internet. Although they were not written by Grover, you may find them helpful anyway.

  • Pet Trick Training
    This article describes the basics of pet trick training. The most basic rule is to work with your dog's nature, not against it. This article tells you how.

  • Sit and Release
    The commands for sit and release are the two most basic commands you can teach your dog. They are the foundation for all of the other commands your dog can learn

  • Stay
    The stay command is useful for those situations when you don't want your dog constantly underfoot. It will take some time and patience on your part, but it is a command that any dog can learn.

  • Watch Me
    If you want to train your dog effectively, you have to train him to pay attention to you. This is why the "Watch Me" command is an important one to learn.

  • Your Dog Around Horses
    Although horses are much larger than dogs (most of the time), it is the horses who are usually fearful of the dogs. If you are going to have your dog around horses, you need to train them both so that they get along.