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These are facts lol if you are not following our TikTok make sure to go check us out @rentjdm.lasvegas :) #rentjdm #cautionrhd #driveyourdream #lasvegas #vegas #skylines #gtr #r32 #r33 #r34 #carsoftiktok #fyp #tiktok #jdm #jdmlifestyle #jdmnation #jdmgram #jdmdaily #rhd #carsoftokyo #carsdaily And there’s always something a little different. RentJDM in Las Vegas is really coming together. The R34 GT-R is Show or Display, the front car is not a Mitsubishi Eclipse. RENTALS, TOURS, RIDE-ALONGS !Based in Las Vegas,we rent your favorite JDM cars. The average rental cars you get in Japan from the usual places are all well and nice. The hangtag on the mirror advising not to take this …, Continue reading “Nürburgring + rental car = Joy”, The San Francisco Auto Show runs just after Thanksgiving at the Moscone Center, and if you go on Cyber Monday while everyone else is shirking office responsibilities and shopping online, it is practically empty. See all 2121 apartments and houses for rent in Las Vegas, NV, including cheap, affordable, luxury and pet-friendly rentals. We’ve owned, driven, and exhibited everything from a chopped Cadillac to a overland LandCruiser. The 1976 model year was wrong for California, what with the smog checks and all. Toyota designed this car with room for tuners, …, Continue reading “2019 – The Year of the Supra”, So I happened to get invited to a wedding in France. According to their website, the operation isn’t open as of yet, and is limited to the Las Vegas area. AZ-1, Beat, Cappuccino. Directly behind RentJDM, just a block away is the new Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, Entrance area to RentJDM. This was that proverbial can of worms moment. San Francisco was closed before St. Patrick’s Day. JDM fans, get ready to flip, because there's a new sort of exotic car rental company coming to southern Las Vegas this year - one that can put … Opening in 2020. Specialties: We love our Japanese domestic market cars. We love Cadillacs and the best American cars of the 50’s and 60’s. NSX, Hakosuka, R32 GT-R, MotoRex R34 GT-R, Liberty Walk R35, and Suzuki Cappuccino, Calsonic livery R32 GT-R, R34 GT-R at Red Rock in Las Vegas. The catch? Now, thanks to this new rental company in Las Vegas, you might be able to try out some of your favorite JDM cars before committing to a purchase. 1306 house rental listings are currently available. | #jdm #jdmcars #nissan #skyline #gtr #kenmeri #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #trending #viral #racing #muscle #import #lasvegas #vegas #fast #car #auto #cars | … Rent JDM Preview Party #2 on Nov 7, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV at RentJDM. It was everything I don’t look for …, Continue reading “When everything just feels so right…”, I bought another Mercedes last week…it happens…I was in love with the color more than anything else. We don’t trade in vehicles we don’t love. 3735 N Nellis Blvd, Suite 105C 8425 Saddle Valley St, Las Vegas, NV 89131. #cautionrighthanddrive Obviously, there are popular cars such as the 1999 … I spent an …, Continue reading “San Francisco Auto show 2019 – we had a Supra time!”. Verified Source Payment (High to Low) Payment (Low to High) Newest Bedrooms Bathrooms Square Feet Lot Size. A couple weeks ago, we got a chance to film a safety video, and go out and drive a few cars. Offering “the real JDM experience,” Rent JDM lineup includes a Nissan R32 GT-R, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II, and even a Suzuki Cappuccino. 4 bds, 2.5 ba, 2,460 sqft - House for rent; 1 day on Zillow. The original plan was to open in April 2020, however COVID, and the closure of Las Vegas, and most of the world put a damper on that. There are vending machines with … We can help you buy a car, sell a car, and ship a car. What the hell is this car I’ve never heard of? RentJDM : Japanese Domestic Market Car Rental in Las Vegas, Nevada By Sean Morris 8:09 AM Featured, las vegas, ... Well, the original plan was for RentJDM to open up on April 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada. The red Honda NSX above is an automatic. I lost count around 30, and that’s before I even found the Toyota booth. The folks at Grassroots Motorsports have discovered a startup company by the name of Rent JDM that is based in Las Vegas and making available for rent a 1999 R34 GT-R finished in white. Compare rentals, see map views and save your favorite houses. That’s exactly the way I felt the first time I drove this austere Teutonic executive sedan for the first time. Sort by: Newest. The wedding happened to be just a few days before and just a few hundred kilometers from the 2018 Le Mans Classic. Sure. Recently saw the craig lieberman's youtube video on this location. As its name suggests, Rent JDM will rent you a JDM -spec car, and your options will be vast. Address The universe and COVID-19 has thrown a bit of a wrench into those plans. Collectible Mercedes Benz? 469 talking about this. Our weapon was the almighty Mercedes-Benz A160 mini minivan, right hand drive of course. San Francisco Auto show 2019 – we had a Supra time! Wagon Queen Family Truckster? We have those cars,… However, things are still happening. $1,950/mo. But it was Caledonia Green, and I’d never seen a 450sl in Caledonia Green! A few people have told us that now. 8806 Palm Creek Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89139. Neither had I until I was at the shop in Vegas one day and saw one for the very first time. View floor plans, photos, prices and find the perfect rental today. Las Vegas, NV 89115, “Caledonia Green, Plum Crazy, Inka Orange, and other shades of the 70s”, “San Francisco Auto show 2019 – we had a Supra time!”, “Le Mans Classic – Bigger than Monterey Car Week?”, Caledonia Green, Plum Crazy, Inka Orange, and other shades of the 70s. No problem. We’re car guys. Supras everywhere. Reviews on Exotic Restaurants in Las Vegas, NV - Marrakech, Japaneiro, Mimosas Gourmet - Las Vegas, Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen, Amano, Sparrow + Wolf, Zaytoon Restaurant, Raku, Asmara Restaurant, Red … Calsonic livery R32 GT-R, R34 GT-R at Red Rock in Las Vegas Yup. You can get up close with the cars in a way that’s a bit harder during the weekend. In my mind, Darts were …, Continue reading “Ever heard of a Dodge Dart Seneca?”, Sometimes you come upon a car that feels like it rolled off the assembly line yesterday, and yesterday was a Wednesday. NV DMV …, Continue reading “Well that took a while…”, It was sometime in 2009. 1-702-736-8536 Cadillacs? Enter Rent JDM, a wish-fulfilling, Las Vegas-based exotic rental company that’s catering to a generation which knows a 2JZ-powered Toyota Supra blows the doors off of a Ferrari any day. Also, the Supra does not have a Bomex kit. It wouldn’t start. The seller was an unknown. Drive Your Dream. Las Vegas-based Rent JDM is getting in on the JDM wave, a new wrinkle in the scene that is mostly full of full-on dealers, like Japanese Classics or Duncan Imports. The ABS of Kei Car. Then the world melted down. 318 results. Will a stock RB26 turbo work on a 657cc engine? The wall art came out great, and the arcade has been put in place. We love connecting buyers and sellers through our consignment program as well as our own inventory offerings. Let’s play guess the car # rentjdm # cautionrhd # driveyourdream # weouthere # lasvegas # vegas # fyp # carsdaily # carswithoutlimits # jdm # jdmlifestyle # jdmnation # jdmgram # jdmculture # rhd # beastmode # commentbelow RentJDM_LasVegas (@rentjdm.lasvegas) has created a short video on TikTok with music Act a Fool. It …, Continue reading “Caledonia Green, Plum Crazy, Inka Orange, and other shades of the 70s”, Sometimes you get a little blindsided…can you say pandemic? Las Vegas NV Houses For Rent. Dodge Seneca? Sometimes, that Wednesday was 31 years ago. Cool! We’d chosen the A160 for this purpose mostly because it wasn’t a Smart, which is what the rental car folks at Heathrow tried to give us. From the 1970s to the 2000's there were tons of cool JDM cars that were never sold in the US. Easier to do in a tourist haven like Las Vegas, where Craig was married and owned some property. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada We have a limited fleet currently with COVID, but are adding more cars soon. HINT: If you’re fishing for a gift by inviting me to a far away wedding expect me to show up! Left hand drive R34 GT-R   Left hand drive R34 GT-R Ever wanted to import a left hand drive Nissan Skyline GT-R? We know our way around pretty much every Mercedes and Porsche all the way through the 90s. Gene Winfield custom? RentJDM NOW OPEN ! You betcha. RentJDM has a large variety of JDM cars you can purchase, right here in Las Vegas. Cars Posted on December 31, 2020 December 31, 2020 Okay…there were cars at SEMA 2019 that weren’t Supras. 5360 Procyon St Las Vegas NV, 89118. Lots of Cadillacs. WE ARE NOW OPEN ! [email protected] RentJDM, a rental … Expect to see Kei cars, JDM sports cars, Delica overland vans, and non US varietals of all generations of LandCruisers. Tour our unique collection of vehicles. The #doubleshot Cappuccino won't be for rent, but will be a demo car for. Right hand Man, Las Vegas, brings you all the best JDM cars, California and Nevada rust free classics, as well as the cars from foreign markets which you always wanted. Call 702- Rent-JDM, 702 736-8536 to reserve now. Nissan Skylines,Kei cars,etc. Wanna see the photos? Rent your favorite JDM cars in Las Vegas, Nevada. Right-hookers in Vegas, legal to rent by the hour: Inside rentJDM, Sin City's newest attraction for car nuts ... A voice for JDM evangelism, in a place where these were some of the most foreign of all foreign cars. 9-6 pm Wed-Sun. It’s a Dart? The JDM rental fleet in Las Vegas, will feature a number of cool cars from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. We are open Wednesday to Sunday 9 am to 6 pm. Industry only preview of RentJDM. This is #doubleshot Suzuki Cappuccino. Sometime back in March 2020 (okay, March 2nd at 9:20AM, but who’s counting) we dropped our completed dealer’s application with NV DMV…2 weeks to 2 months they said. Le Mans Classic – Bigger than Monterey Car Week. Two nights. Plain and simple. View houses for rent in Las Vegas, NV. We stopped by Rent JDM, an up and coming business, that does exactly what the name says, they rent JDM imported cars. MotoRex R34 GT-R, they call the "Beast". Canyonero! A gaggle of R32. Loma Apartments has rental units ranging from 450-775 sq ft starting at $850. 4,299 talking about this. Right hand Man, Las Vegas, brings you all the best JDM cars, California and Nevada rust free classics, as well as the cars from foreign markets which you always wanted. Seneca? RSVP to …, Continue reading “Le Mans Classic – Bigger than Monterey Car Week?”. See all available apartments for rent at Loma Apartments in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve got proof. RentJDM HKS livery R32 GT-R now available for rent in Las Vegas, Nevada RentJDM is open for business, including rentals. For realsies. Most of the cars are right hand drive and manual transmission, but there will be a few automatic cars. Once they turned 25 years old, they are legal to import to the US. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that each was its own car, with a distinct personality. Call now to be one of the 1st people in the country to get to be part of this experience. This R33 sold a long time ago, but the R33 GT-R is now over 25 years old, and legal to import to the US. Tuesday and Thursday. Where does it say Dart? Call 702- Rent-JDM, 702 736-8536 to reserve now. Rent JDM may be an option. And we love love love the JDM exports that are coming of age to bring stateside. Who’s coming by ;) Also thank you if you started following us from TikTok ☺️ #rentjdm #cautionrhd #driveyourdream #lasvegas #vegas #weouthere #fyp #tiktok #jdm #rhd #jdmlifestyle #jdmnation #jdmcars #jdmsociety #skyline #r32 #r33 #r35 #rx7 #nsx #calsonic #toyota #supra #nissan California requires compliance, but... Japanese cars for rent in Las Vegas : RentJDM, USA Legal Japanese, European, or Australian Cars, Buy USA Legal R32, R33, and R34 Skylines at, RentJDM right hand drive car rental in Las Vegas, 657cc turbo. As well, pricing options haven’t been released yet. So there is no doubt it was the year of the Supra at SEMA 2019. Right hand drive Toyota Supra for Rent.

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