Bad Breath in Dogs

Dogs are lovely, but sometimes some smells they produce are not so pleasant. However, halitosis in dogs may be indicating something much more problematic than the bad smell.

Bad breath in dogs has multiple reasons, ranging from the accumulation of tartar to some type of pathology. Here are some:

  • Poor oral hygiene (tartar buildup)
  • Poor food or nutrition
  • Wounds in the snout or gums
  • Diseases in the stomach, liver or kidneys

In most cases, except those that come from some kind of pathology, some measures can be taken to avoid or eliminate bad breath in dogs. For example, some methods to prevent bad breath are through oral cleansing, proper nutrition or using toys that help improve the dog’s breath.

As stated earlier, bad breath in dogs is not always due to pathologies, so here are three simple tricks to fight it:

Oral hygiene

The first thing you should do to eliminate halitosis from your dog will be to organize an oral hygiene strategy. This measure will not be beneficial only for this evil but will be reflected in your general state of health, as well as in your quality of life by allowing you to enjoy your teeth for much longer.

The cleaning of the teeth falls on the responsibility of the caregiver since the dog cannot brush the teeth by itself. One way to take care of the dog’s oral health is to monitor his teeth and gums frequently, to verify that he does not have wounds, cavities or abscesses.

Unfortunately, the dental health of dogs is often neglected, which is why many dogs suffer from dental problems from ages as early as three years, which leads them to lose very young teeth, greatly reducing their quality of life.


The type of food you give your pet, as well as the portion sizes, can be a long-term problem. In general, dogs that consume sweets or sugars tend to develop dental diseases, especially tooth decay, as well as effects on their digestive and circulatory system.

Likewise, dogs with an exclusive diet of meat tend to accumulate tartar more quickly, since meat is more prone to leave residues in the teeth, also seeking growth of the bacterial flora that breaks down the meat between the teeth producing bad breath.

The most advisable thing is that you give your dog a balanced diet, as rich as possible and, in case the dog does not suffer any allergies, base its diet especially on the feed, as this helps to clean the teeth.

One way they have to acquire bacteria in the mouth is through the breakdown of food in the cracks in their dishes, therefore it is highly recommended to use metal plates: this way you will not only prevent bad breath but also You will protect your health.

The dry diet through feed and croquettes is usually very good to prevent bad breath, as they are designed to promote your oral health.

Croquettes and toys

Acquires good quality croquettes on the market that help clean your teeth. These croquettes fall apart and enter between the divisions between the teeth, expelling the tartar that has formed there. You can also get some rubber toys that have the same function, in addition to massaging the gums of the animal.

So, you already know that. Thoroughly check the kind of food you feed your dog, monitor its oral health, take it to clean it to remove tartar and buy appropriate toys so you can enjoy a happier and healthier life.

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