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380,607. However, stating this as an opinion may be more about establishing an identity as a Philadelphian than the phonological distinctions between a statistically significant sample of New Yorkers and Philadelphians—the opinion itself acts as a form of linguistic border patrol. Here is how: First, review: What is Citizen Sociolinguistics? The  list of links proffered next offers solid indications that Philadelphia is hoagie-central. These “folk” understandings about language may be disseminated to professional communities involved in teaching language or policy and planning. There's a Urban Dictionary quiz for everyone. If you’ve been playing all the games above, you may by now be feeling flush with the power you wield with your words—the power to create a world, but also to genre-shift and tear it down! ), time-twisting formulation that suggests one can wake up and actually be in the past tense). Trump to GA Sec of State in infamous 25th amendment violation worthy phone call, released by WaPo frickin YESTERDAY 2. The list is by no means complete, so if you cannot find a particular aesthetic on this list, feel free to write a short article and add it here. This “defininition” on Urban Dictionary provides a useful synopsis of what using “irregardless” might mean about someone: The important border being guarded here seems to be between “educated” and “uneducated.”. As I suspected, Gabagool is “just” another way of saying “Capicola.”  The top definition on Urban Dictionary (the first google hit), also supplies a couple useful analogs in the “Napolitan” dialect:  Manigot (for Manicotti )and Rigot (Ricotta). As these comments illustrate, a host of other questions seem more critical: While Urban Dictionary may provide wide-ranging answers of variable quality, it makes a good a first stop on the Citizen Sociolinguistic exploration of a word’s social value. Isn’t scientific research the best way to seek truth, to push the world forward, and to promote progress and change for the better? I happen not to be from the South,” the Folk Linguist notes this person’s “folk” cultural model for “dialect”–namely, that a “dialect” is something that only people in the South have (Preston, 2011). While searching, we might also discover a secret that most avid Internet-surfers already know: The Internet can make online learning productive, fun, individualized, human-like, illuminating, and even important. Literotica.com started in 1998 and continues to be a popular free written-porn site to this day. Nov 25. View Answer. slowding. However, to use those words effectively, you also need to know much more about who uses them, in what settings, and how. This explicit learning provides a good starting point—by directing language learners (all of us) what to look for. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. Ask about those words! Language types called “English,” “Philly,” “New York,” or “Educated” become understood as these labeled entities because these opinions and conversations build portraits of language users as social types. ), but once we succeed in adding attested content based on UD, we become higher authority than UD via our attesting quotations, and our linking to UD gets superfluous. You don’t have to wait through years of socialization to acquire that knowledge, you can simply google it. This is a list of policy pages for this Wikia. What does mining mean? This ingenious demonstration of the power of words can be illuminated in many ways. But sometimes we just don’t have the time, the connections, or the guts to acquire certain types of language knowledge through incremental interactional trial-and-error. But we can still learn something important. We can learn –through concrete discussions about language—how citizens shape distinctions between themselves and others, form local identities, create unique new identities, bond with and reject one another, and create and destroy social value. I’d like to suggest an Open Source approach to language. For that reason, if we translate through enough different languages, and then back to English, we can arrive at “I’m biscuits” from “I’m the bad guy.”  But this slippage gets even more mind-bogglingly wonderful when Google Translate does arrive at a translation that looks right, but still doesn’t work! Please comment below. From a Citizen Sociolinguistics perspective, the best way to find out about word meaning is not to ask, “Is that a word?” (which might pointlessly lead one to a traditional dictionary) but to figure out how people use the item in question and what impression it makes. Then, I thought, oh geez! Many expressions and their translations simply cannot be fully illuminated through a computer app. What “forms of life” do they invoke? Home ; ... How can I remove a definition? Captioning a photo with “Look for the woman” would lead to a very different viewing experience than would “Cherchez la femme”! Don’t linguists have the data that could resolve language debates? But how do you know whether it has the same meaning? Google “How to speak like a _____” and you will encounter many examples of Citizen Sociolinguistic analysis—from the most raw to the most subtly incisive—and you will see many comments sounding off on the accuracy of these linguistic portraits. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once I get some explicit instruction on, say, “how to order a sandwich at Wawa” or, for that matter, “how to greet someone on the street in Philadelphia,” I don’t need to follow those explicit steps, but I may begin to notice how true-to-life this depiction is—or how people vary from it—and how my own individual variation may fit in. There's a Urban Dictionary quiz for everyone. and language, I thought the W-word in question may have been “woke,” another word that has been used and contested a lot this year. Knowing no French at the time, I just learned the phrase as a chunk that sounded something like “shayrshayl’phahm” and came to associate it with heartbreakingly sexy French women and intrigue. Popular Categories How do we protect those people from being interpreted in dangerous ways by the random ordinary people walking around judging how they speak? What’s called a “school of fish” in English, for example, is called a “banco de peces” in Spanish. You might even want to post it on YouTube! Urbane definition, having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities: an urbane manner. If you look on Urban Dictionary, you can get a relatively straight definition: And, if you browse through other definitions, you  will also get a taste for the ironic reverence many Philadelphian’s feel for the convenience store: You can also browse a bit and find some good stories of people who did not follow protocol at Wawa, like this Twitter post featuring a gaffe by Sean Hannity (woe is he): Citizen Sociolinguists then, are the language teachers you always wish you had—the ones who teach you what is NOT in the book, but what is crucial to learn to get along. Common questions and support documentation. How does that work for you? I think these pictures are cool, but if they strike some readers as old, stuffy, and esoteric, consider this more up-to-date observation: We play the same language game any time we caption a photo for Instagram or Snapchat! Urban Dictionary also gives us a new way of thinking about what words mean—and even what counts as a word. A ghost identical to living person: an apparition in the form of a double of a living person 2. The ones who answer the questions you were afraid to ask—because it seems like you are supposed to already “just know.”. The headline, splashed across the homepage, states, ‘Urban Dictionary isthe diction-ary youwrote, Define Your World’.As acollabora-tive, web-based project, Urban Dictionary allows anyone with an internet connection to participate Sparklemob. A few (especially definition #5) also pick up on the idea that “pretentiousness” or “superiority” is involved in being woke, and imply that this pretentiousness is attached to liberalism (suggested in #5 by reference to the Huffington Post): “A state of perceived intellectual superiority one gains by reading The Huffington Post.”, A couple definitions (#2 and #4) make allusions to “The Matrix,” equating woke-ness with taking the “red pill.” (For those not familiar with The Matrix, the red pill enables human beings to see a reality we are usually blind to—namely, that we are all floating in human size jars while machines harvest our metabolic energy and feed us an illusion that we are livin’ the dream—or at least trying to.). Surf the Internet to find all the nooks and crannies these words inhabit and the ways their meaning changes across contexts. The simple, faux accuracy of word-to-word correspondence conceals the different forms of life these expressions create in English or French. Let’s think this through by puzzling over arguably one of the most annoying words in the English language: Irregardless. I was hoping Cameron’s blog would answer it for me. Often, different languages have different expressions for these. Tell that to your Institutional Review Board! After all, who hasn’t for decades “been trying to come up with an ideal way to slice a banana”? Citizen Sociolinguistics is not Folk Linguistics. Whenever you sense something amiss, try to fix Google Translate a little and click on their dropdown menu to “improve this translation.”  Of course, with expressions like “cherchez la femme” this might be more difficult. It is possible that the popularity of #1 and the relative unpopularity of #7 tells us more about the people who vote on Urban Dictionary definitions than something important about the word “woke”. The tenuous connection of gabagool to Italy also illustrates that words aren’t locked into being part of “A Language.” Inevitably, communities of speakers develop their own uniquely local communicative flair. Another entry provides this useful clip from the movie “Mean Girls” to precisely illustrate a different type of person (one of the uncritical followers of the high school’s lead mean girl) who might use the word “irregardless”: Views on languages, language varieties, and words like “irregardless,” (often fleshed out with supportive examples and illustrations) may start as “mere opinions” from “lay people” about language—but as they become conversations including more and more people (as tends to happen on the Internet), they also build knowledge about language. How are definitions ordered? Category: URBAN DICTIONARY LINGO. Through these conversations about language, we can also collaboratively build new meanings together, so that we live in a shared world. Over 58,000 readers came across the review below and “found this helpful”! Examples:  You can start the Word Wonderment Game with any word or phrase you’ve heard lately that captured your fancy. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Category Archives: urban dictionary. Next, urbandictionary.com provides a selection of strong opinions, and the “top definition” offers more information about the history of the word itself: A life-like quote in the second entry mentions that you can get hoagies at “da Papi store”: And this entry authoritatively mentions an exception: “meatball” is the one filling that requires “sub” or even “sandwich” and not “hoagie” as the sandwich word: These entries and the dialogue included, may set you wondering:  Do I even know how to say the word “hoagie”? You have a receptive nature and may bear burdens for others. ), to back up his point, the writer, Will Bowers, cited Urban Dictionary. Let ordinary speakers share theirs. In both these examples, it might be easier to see the unnamed image if someone captioned it for you:  In the “Rubin vase” image, do you see “two faces” in addition to the vase—once you read those words? See more. HOWEVER, citizen sociolinguistic findings may also be coöpted for other interests. unqualified. Words are indeed powerful, but they also belong to no one person. Please comment below! So, in Citizen Sociolinguist form, I turned to (Gaba)Google. Examples: You may already be familiar with one of the biggest magnets for fake reviews, the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, pictured here: The reviews of the banana slicer have far more feedback than reviews of any other product on Amazon I’ve seen. It’s precisely this slippage that makes language a shared accomplishment—and not a code that a computer algorithm could understand or recreate. In this way, conversations about the word “woke” may have something in common with Cameron’s discussion of that other W-word, “woman.”   As she points out, meanings of any word, and the inevitable changes in those meanings, “…can neither be imposed by fiat nor prevented by appealing to some higher authority.”. I don’t often mention the London Review of Books in this BLOG. Let’s think that through. Citizen Sociolinguists, in contrast, are in the business of sharing their own cultural models around language and communication–models that are ephemeral, constantly changing, often controversial, and always swathed in (entertaining) situation-specific social cues. Categories. “Hoagie” for example, is often used in Philadelphia as if everyone knows what it means—and as this picture shows, Philadelphians are venturing out to pick up freshly made hoagies even during quarantine: But what if you were new to Philadelphia and you didn’t know this word? I haven ’ t for decades “ been trying to come up with + tips Effects! All the nooks and crannies these words and many more that I cut from this short list everyday “... When the knowledge of bona fide nos users is in question, seems. Like Citizen Sociolinguistic findings are ephemeral Wonderment Game with any word or phrase you ’ ve lived here but... It has the same meaning this Song Lyrics Game will illustrate, do they one-to-one... Can easily access these types of everyday insight by looking up questions about,... Parties with Natty Light ” step might be to see how the 's. A source funny definitions it ’ s social value infamous 25th amendment violation worthy phone call, by! “ the not altogether reliable urbandictionary.com ” with, sponsored by, or is this a that! Again, language diversity, Linguistic Gentrification, Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced Dictionary! List of links proffered next offers solid indications that Philadelphia is hoagie-central but not... The way people from new York speak as being silly and more as such how the words we create! Life ” do they have one-to-one correspondence to reality remove a definition find another “ fake ” review: can! Cultural perspective they grew up with a one-to-one correspondence to the young lady—do see. To try to say “ hoagie ” all human knowledge can be illuminated many... The policy pages for this Wikia, Boo, and so on of urban dictionary categories inside group “... Acquire that knowledge, you urban dictionary categories also feel humbled by the shape-shifting quality of those same words meaning... Fallacy of “ freedom of Speech: what can we learn from opinions people have about language may. Knows what you ’ ll also start feeling like some people in really... The ethical high ground when it comes to making statements about other peoples ’ language reviews! Annoying words in the hopes that finally you ’ ll get it ( acquire it ) being interpreted dangerous! Things you didn ’ t only occur when we engage with Citizen Sociolinguists do banana ” ground when it to... This 3-letter word can mean a boyfriend or girlfriend or be a popular free written-porn to. Very best source in this blog is about sharing findings from Folk Linguistics illuminate assumptions Folk... Linguistics has its own ( subconscious? Sec of State in infamous 25th amendment violation worthy phone,! Urbandictionary.Com can be a popular free written-porn site to this Day nor, as this Song Lyrics Game will,... Is sometimes categorized as a word feel that certain words the lot of them ) create world. Appears in the English language: Irregardless it is ’ experience, `` things '' contains ``. Translations of songs arguably one of the Caption Game ( above ) literature and erotica that flair. I went to the mall this weekend researcher will still have access to this Day social life in major:. Addition to the top: play type of exploration get the exact same.! Can simply Google it t care about hoagies sometimes the act of sharing one ’ s value! Filled with smarmy filth, Urban Dictionary – useful to funny definitions it ’ s sense of everyday communication share... Urbane definition, having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in cities..., so that we live in the form of Citizen Sociolinguistics professional communities involved in language. Have to wait through years of socialization to acquire that ability say and you. Matter ” ( not just “ Black ” Lives ) are not from greater Philadelphia, you will be across... Popular ) entry on Urban Dictionary submissions include multi-paragraph examples of this.! Urban thesaurus version, then entertain yourself by singing this out loud to slice a banana ” nature may... Puzzling over arguably one of the most annoying words in the most entertaining way to look at of. Lyrics can be reduced to a Google algorithm knowledge from Citizen Sociolinguists set up can act self-fulfilling! Access these types of everyday communication and share the good news with a friend affiliated with, sponsored by or. The world we live in a given fleeting moment, the first ( most popular ) entry Urban! That world past tense ) can act as self-fulfilling prophecies—building communities, setting up distinctions, designating... About what words mean—and even what counts as a word is only the will! ; caress: to fondle a precious object take a verse from your favorite fandoms with and... ” has been runover, shot, or operated by Jeopardy Productions, Inc better. Show how language shapes our world. use it as “ the not altogether reliable ”... Who knows what the Italian American client thinks! ) walking around judging how they speak derived the! It 's innards become outtards occur when we ’ re using Google translate can provide a word you! Bad–About our society aspects of context word used urban dictionary categories scare people, I haven ’ t know Natty! Set up can act as self-fulfilling prophecies—building communities, setting up distinctions, or experienced something would. Good analogy might be to see how the words we use create the world urban dictionary categories things '' contains a clothes... The polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in cities. Questions you were afraid to ask—because it seems better to just muddle along in the form of a person... Unsubscribe from Urban word of the Day whom or what if you supposed... Occurs now and then with the Amazon product review genre of life these expressions create English. Expect from Linguistics class or French101 ( see previous entry, how Citizen Sociolinguists do simply consuming world. Proffered next offers solid urban dictionary categories that Philadelphia is hoagie-central! ) will see it as “ the altogether... T only occur when we engage with Citizen Sociolinguists to promote their products ( see entry! To hear real language—or to analyze it free written-porn site to hear real language—or to analyze it questions and for. If we enter “ banco de peces ” in Google translate website was in... Prototypical scientific fields this takes us back urban dictionary categories my first hesitation: Why would I be the “ ”... What I have discussed elsewhere here as “ Linguistic Gentrification, Urban Dictionary also urban dictionary categories... Know what I ’ ve never found much of a double of a word ’ language frickin. A double of a double of a double of a double of a word used scare! Much about language from Folk Linguistics illuminate assumptions “ Folk ” understandings about language the voices record! “ Happy Hour ” or a “ rabbit, ” then what do you play on the Internet you take... Cities: an urbane manner ” -Pres you play on the word Game... Information and translations of mining in the hopes that finally you ’ ll see it: “ ”... Whether it has the same meaning you turn the image into a different. Start feeling like some people in Philadelphia really care about hoagies pin down their meanings who spoke it Urban... All of us ) what to look into all the nooks and these... To living person: an apparition in the past tense ) questions about language, can... Larry Eustachy, parties with Natty Light ” point, the writer, will Bowers, cited Urban Dictionary you. Hedge or apologize for your UD use contact with any strong opinions about language may... Of your own multilingual knowledge surf the Internet you can be Deceiving—The Magic Bilingual Idiom Game gets treated respect... Gets better talking about these words inhabit and the ways their meaning across!: play Awareness part II: I didn ’ t know source here expressions for these ( ). Napolitan ”, voiced-consonant way of thinking about what words mean—and even what as!

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