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But perhaps what’s most notable about it is its temperature memory function which can restore the set temperature after losing power, something that can save your wine from going bad as temperature fluctuations are bad for wines. The sleek French doors give you a pair of temperature zones so you can keep both red and white at their best without needing to compromise. Well, we trust you’ve now seen the benefits of opting for a dual-zone wine fridge. Quick View. If you’ve got the makings of a more sizeable collection of wine, Kalamera offer a 66-bottle fridge that delivers without taking up too much room. Furthermore, each type of wine has a different ideal temperature so storing the red wines and white wines all at the same temperature may prove to be more harmful than good to your wine collection. Nevertheless, it’s one of our more energy-efficient alternatives, so if you’re looking for something that consumes less energy then you might want to consider this model. Beyond that, do you intend to keep both white and red wine for longer-term storage? With this, you can have the reassurance that your unfinished bottle will be safe inside the wine cooler. Users who enjoy hosting wine tastings or who entertain guests regularly will benefit from the added versatility of a dual-zone unit. Chemically, high temperatures are not good for alcohol either. It has a silent compressor which gives off only a low level of vibration, ensuring your wines are in optimal storage condition. 99. Is it a case of form over function, though? Despite giving you ample storage space for a growing collection, this fridge measures up at just 33 ½ x 15 ¾ x 20 ¼ inches. If you’re looking for dual-zone storage on a budget and you don’t want to get stiffed on the performance front, check out this Ivation today. On the other hand, too warm whites can be unappetizing because it feels flabbier. Buying the best cooler really isn’t that tough if you take the time to think closely about your needs before embarking on the buying trail. Moreover, the limited space makes it difficult to store larger wine bottles. The dual-zone Vinotheque Café model from Wine Enthusiast features a front vent, beechwood racks, a touch screen complete with a hygrometer and much more. To help you get started, here are some of the best types of wine coolers that you can choose from depending on their type. Overall, while this is not exactly throwaway cheap, when you consider what you’re getting, we would suggest this makes a sound investment rather than a niggling expense. The temperature is crucial when you’re storing wine and you won’t get the right temperature in a regular fridge. Its versatility comes from the fact that it can be freestanding or built-in, allowing it to either blend in or stand out whichever your preference. While the Allavino Wine Fridge is costly, this model is intended more for use in a bar than a home kitchen. For major collectors or bar owners, a dual zone wine fridge is a definite must-have to store their massive selection of fine wines. However, these units require proper clearance in order to ensure air circulation and prevent overheating. Top 10 Best Dual-Zone Wine Fridges and Best Wine Coolers. Moreover, not only does it preserve your wines, it protects them too and stores them all in one convenient location. Looking sleek and with room for an impressive 172 bottles, you’ve got all you need in a fridge built to last. The 24 bottle capacity is split across 2 separate temperature zones. Furthermore, properly stored wines last longer for they undergo the proper aging process. Check one of the other coolers we review if you’re hunting for a built-in cooler. With red wines, they should be brought to somewhere between 50 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit 20 minutes before serving. Generally, the cost is determined by the capacity of the unit and its zone capability. The other type is the integrated wine cooler which is usually fitted into a unit and has a small bottle capacity. It is therefore not a suitable choice if you have a growing wine collection. While this is not so critical for long-term storage where a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit across the board is ideal, if you’re bringing wines out for drinking on a regular basis, the dual-zone functionality is key. Temperature memory function 4. With 2 zones, you can keep red and white wines separate and ready for drinking at their respective optimum temperatures. Equally, the aesthetic is adaptable enough to slot in with a traditional backdrop or a starker and … The first one comes to list this is this humble Koldfront dual zone freestanding wine cooler to keep your wine chilled. 1. Dual zones are also great if you want a mixture of long-term and short-term storage. The upper zone is useful for semi-sweet wine, starting/Champagne, dry wine, semi-dry white wine, While the lower one is consummately for putting away sweet wine, semi-dry red … However, if you cool your wine far too much, then you will risk losing the aroma. If you plan to keep both red and white wine in the short-term, discrete cooling zones work best. Maybe you’re thinking you could get away with keeping your wine in the fridge. On the other hand, single temperature units offer their own share of benefits. With noise slashed to almost nothing, you won’t be bothered by that tedious thrum which blights many cheap coolers. This cooler will only function properly when left freestanding so check out some of the other fridges we highlight today if you need a built-in unit. This is ideal since wine responds poorly to changes in temperature. At the same time, you’ll be able to monitor your collection without opening the door so you can preserve the integrity of your cooling environment. Measuring up at 15 inches across, you can stash up to 26 bottles of standard Bordeaux. You’ll still be free to store bigger bottles but you’ll need to slide one of the shelves out to accommodate. While this type of cooler is by no means necessary in all cases, if you’re planning to keep different types of wine for the short-term, this configuration is essential. Choose from a classic stainless finish or a matte black stainless depending on your décor. Are you looking to store a collection of wine at home? Aobosi 30 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler The Aobosi 30 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler simultaneously maintains red and white wines at their ideal temperatures. You get a carbon filter. Check It Now on Amazon The Allavino VSWR172-2SSRN is an elegant dual zone wine cooler that preserving the unique characteristics of your wine perfectly. More often than not, the unit is likely to lose its memory when power is interrupted. You’ll even get a safety lock so you can keep any prying fingers away from your precious wine collection. As a final kicker, not only does this cooler come in at a reasonable price-point, it’s currently up for grabs at an aggressive discount so act swiftly and you could pick yourself up an exceptional bargain. The Allavino VSWR172-2BWRN is our top choice for bars. You’ll be constantly menacing the cooling environment and also introducing far too much light, something wine doesn’t appreciate. A temperature alarm will let you know when the temperature inside drops below the desired range. 10 Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges. Nevertheless, its variety of features and sleek design still makes it one of the best dual zone wine fridges out there. You can control the temperature of each zone independently. Precise humidity control as well as housing different wine types at optimal temperature – all at once. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. It has two independently controlled temperature zones. On the downside, they are heavier, expensive and they vibrate and produce a loud noise. The only downsides, however, is that its freestanding only design doesn’t allow for it to be built into cabinets, therefore, making it hard to blend in with your current décor. A wine cooler helps create the ideal environment for your wine collection for both short term and long term storage. An alarm may also sound if the door is left open. LED lighting and a carbon filter add to the cooling environment and ensure your wine stays at its best and you can see it without opening the door and compromising cooling. This unit is extremely easy to install so you can get going pretty much straight out the box. The more consistent the environment, the better. The two zones can be set at different temperatures simultaneously, eliminating the need to purchase two different wine fridges. Editor’s Best 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Recommendation: Koldfront TWR187ES 18-Bottle: Freestanding $$ 54 to 66 Fahrenheit, 46 to 66 Fahrenheit: 12 Months: Buy on Amazon: Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle: Freestanding $$$ 54 to 64 Fahrenheit and 46 to 64 Fahrenheit: 12 Months Limited Warranty: Buy on Amazon: Ivation 24-Bottle Thermoelectric: … So, if you truly need 50+ bottles storing, we would advise you widen your search. It is important to also note is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Service LLC Associates Program. [TOP PICK] This is hOmelabs Wine Cooler with 18 Bottles capacity. For a reliable and attractive cooler that’s large enough for a small collection, Koldfront will not disappoint. It should have this temperature 1 and a half hours before drinking so as to fully experience what the wine has to offer. For most people, noise is an important factor to consider when choosing home appliances. If you’re impatient for the main event, here’s a look at the 5 winners by category from the 10 dual-zone wine fridges: This powerful 46-bottle cooler is ideal for short-term storage keeping your red and white separate and cooled accordingly. However, if what you are after is a quiet model, then you should opt for a thermoelectric wine cooler. It acts as a good deterrent especially if you have children in the house. This maximizes your placement options while also stopping any agitation of the sediment in your bottles. Utilizing both a compressor and dual fan circulating system, to continuously move cooling air throughout the unit. Although a built-in cooler is a stylish addition to any kitchen space, it can be quite expensive and has a limit to the number of bottles it can hold. It only has a single zone in this cooler so you will see only one blue LCDdigital display that always shows the cooler inside temperature on top of the door. It’s designed to look versatile and combine the traditional black look of a wine cellar with the sleek modern look of technology. So you can only store white or red wine but not both. This is not ideal since the cork will not remain in contact with the wine. The rightmost is the light button… It has 5 sliding shelves, each holding 8 bottles and … Home » Kitchen » Refrigerators » The Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers. However, despite its large capacity, it has trouble storing larger bottles like champagne bottles. True to their label, dual zone wine fridges have two zones: one ideal for red wines and another ideal for white wines. Its closed thermopane doors are insulated with CFC-free solid polyurethane foam to ensure that your fridge is properly sealed and that its temperature remains constant. Last but certainly not least is this 18-bottle model from Ivation. The only downsides of this model are that like the others, it can have difficulty storing larger wine bottles and that you have to empty its water pan from behind the unit which can be a hassle. 10 Best Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler January 2021 Results are Based on. This is why dual zone wine fridges are essential and are great investments if you’re a collector or simply someone who enjoys good wine. As with all the best wine fridges, both noise and vibration are reduced to negligible levels. Additionally, it has powerful circulation fans that allow for the even cooling of your wines, ensuring they’re in their optimal condition while in storage. Dual Zone Wine. You’ll get first-class build quality and precise climate control from a brand you can trust. You might think when you see this that you could perhaps get away with storing your white wine in the fridge. Whether you want to house your wine collection at home or you’ve got a small bar or restaurant, this 38-bottle cooler from EdgeStar looks killer in stainless steel and it delivers in fine style. Store red, white and champagne independently so you can give them all the TLC they need. The most difficult part of your buying decision concerns establishing whether you really need a dual-zone wine cooler or whether a single-zone unit makes more sense. A particularly full-bodied red calls for storage between 63 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This also gives you more options when it comes to storing larger bottles that would otherwise crowd out the shelves. Ivation 18-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Cooler vs. Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler. The design is ideal for bars where floor space might be at a premium. It has an elegant and sleek black metal with a stainless steel rim which is a great enhancement to your home’s aesthetic. Most Accommodating - NewAir AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler; 10 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers. Very tight shelves One touch control system 3. Defining a dual-zone white fridge is straightforward…. – a dual-zone cooler makes the best fit. You will need to compare the price of different wine cooler models so you can pick one that meets your budgetary needs. Dual Zone Wine Coolers. Kalamera 24” 117 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler Fridge Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator. Wine Enthusiast has been producing coolers for decades and this 32-bottle dual-zone model is a particularly fine example. It is good to go with dual zone wine cooler. These coolers are designed to be installed in two different ways. Dual Zone Wine Fridge Temperature and What for Red vs White Wine, III. That said, in terms of aesthetics, this is one of the sleekest and best looking wine fridges on the market. Dear Patti, How someone uses a dual-zone wine cooler should depend on their drinking habits. Both zones are controlled and set via a digital touch screen, making it easier for users to set. On the other hand, white wines are served with cooler temperatures compared to reds as they are a much lighter wine. You can rearrange shelving if you need to stuff larger bottles in. With coolers like this, it’s not hard to see how they have such a stranglehold on this space. You should note that this capacity is based on regular bottles. Best 15-Inch Wine Coolers – Top 10. As a dual zone wine fridge, it has two levels, both of which can be programmed individually through its easy-to-adjust thermostat, ensuring the ideal storing temperature for your wines. It is quiet, with minimal vibrations, and extremely efficient in its use of space. Nevertheless, it’s still a great wine fridge model and among the best in the market. Thermoelectric cooling is also more energy-efficient. It measures 14 x 20.1 x 25.5 inches. Though they tend to have fluctuations on the outside temperature and come in smaller sizes, they are cheap, energy-efficient, quiet, and have minimal vibrations. If there’s something wrong with a product, we’ll tell you directly. Although it’s not as energy-efficient, it’s still one of the best dual zone wine fridges and its many features are the reason why it’s among our top picks for the dual zone wine fridge. This door is tinted and should stop any damaging UV rays from penetrating and spoiling your wine storage environment. Also, the number of doors in the unit matter depending on its size and capacity. The ideal temperature for white wines is somewhere between 49 degrees and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also available in a larger 24-bottle version. As with all wine coolers, capacity is based on regular bottles so take this into account if you frequently drink champagne or other oversized bottles. Despite offering the space for 18 bottles at full capacity, the tall and slim layout means you don’t need too much kitchen real estate. Are you looking for the best wine cooler to display your personal wine collection? You deserve it. A solid and dependable cooler from EdgeStar, you’ll get a generous 38 bottle capacity split across 2 temperature zones. This 24 inches wide model has a capacity of storing 46 standard wine bottles with each bottle held in its own space. Of course, wine coolers come in many different sizes, therefore, you need to choose a model based on the space you have in mind and the depth of your collection. Basically, you should choose a wine cooler that can hold your current collection and allow space in case you decide to add to your collection. However, this doesn’t mean the actual room temperature; this means the room temperature in France before there were any ways to cool your wines for it was the ideal temperature. It can be freestanding or built-in, making it easy to adjust it to your preference. The upper zone can be set from 40 degrees to 54 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the lower zone can be set to 54 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s not to like? All the Aobosi wine cooler is built in a dual zone that allows to store red and white wine simultaneously in one unit. Perhaps the most notable about this model is that it uses thermoelectric cooling which frees it from low-level vibration which can alter the integrity of your wine. NewAir AWR-290DB 29-Bottle Capacity, 15″ Dual-Zone, Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator – $ – Skip to section [#1 Recommendation – Fantastic Value, Dual Zone] Kalamera 30-Bottle Capacity, 15” Built-In or Freestanding Wine Cooler – $ – Skip to section Aobosi 28 Bottle Capacity, 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator – $ – … Some casual wine drinkers only enjoy either red or white wines. White wines, on the other hand, need to be kept at 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes before drinking to bring out the very best in them. Its tempered front glass offers a clear display of your most valued wines and adds to its sleek and modern design. These coolers come with separate cooling zones so you can maintain separate temperatures but why is this? 3 Best Yeti Can Cooler For 2021 [Our Reviews and Comparisons], 10 Best Wine Cellar Cooling Units for 2021 [Our Reviews and Comparisons], A Deep Dive into the Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler, The Best Small Wine Fridge and Coolers 2021, The Best Wine and Beverage Cooler – Complete Guide 2021,,, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon: 64 to 66F, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc: 45 to 48F, Runs quietly and with very little vibration so the sediment in your bottles won’t be disturbed, Squat, compact footprint despite generous capacity, Beech shelves cradle the bottles perfectly for long-term storage, A few complaints about quality control so check your package closely upon arrival, Utilitarian stainless steel finish is sleek yet understated, Shelving can be removed to accommodate larger bottles, Some issues with this appliance arriving damaged, Commanding aesthetic with digital display, You can slip out a shelf to make room for bigger bottles, Onboard alarm gives audible and visual alarm if the door isn’t properly closed, Outstanding capacity without eating up too much space in the kitchen, Stainless steel contrasts wonderfully with glass for an elegant, industrial chic, Certainly not the cheapest dual-zone wine cooler, Massive 172-bottle capacity over 12 shelves, Fan-forced cooling remarkably energy-efficient, FlexCount shelving developed with the specific needs of wine storage in mind, Runs with practically no noise whatsoever, Holds 32 bottles of regular wine across 2 temperature zones, Sleek, minimalist design with muted interior lighting, A couple of gripes about quality control so check your package closely upon receipt, Quiet and vibration-free thermoelectric cooling, Smooth and clean lines with cooler occupying a fairly small form factor, Generous 24-bottle capacity for a mid-sized collection of red and white wine, Energy-efficient cooling without any tiresome noise or vibration, Tall and slimline unit ideal for more confined spaces, You can’t build this cooler in so be aware of that before, Soft blue interior LEDs illuminate your collection attractively, More expensive than much of the competition, Smoked glass door looks striking while also protecting your wine, Keep noise, vibration, light and humidity in check to create the perfect dual-zone cooling environment, Reasonably bulky so make sure you’ve got the space. The thermoelectric cooling system ensures you won’t be menaced by noise or vibration. The design is elegant although you’ll certainly need to dig deep for this cooler. It has 5 sliding shelves, each holding 8 bottles and made of natural beech wood shelving. Theprincela is reader-supported. Our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. Control each zone independently so you can keep all your wine at the optimum temperature. This also kicks in if the door is left ajar. (This is in stark contrast to long-term storage where 55 degrees Fahrenheit works well for all types of wine.). They also come fully to the fore if you want some wine stored short-term and other bottles laid up for longer. However, this model uses a compressor instead of thermoelectric cooling, giving it a low vibration which can potentially affect your wines. The expanse of black would look better in a minimalist, modernist home than set against traditional décor. Dual or Multi-Zone - With the dual or even multi-zone cooler, you will have different storing options. Just like most products, wine coolers have vast price ranges and it is easy to find one that fits your budget. Add to Cart. The upper zone has a temperature range of 54 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for storing your red wines while the lower zone has a range of 46 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for your whites. Dual-zone fridges are also great for people who enjoy entertaining because both white and red wines can be served at their own best temperatures, straight from the fridge. This 24 inches wide model has a capacity of storing 46 standard wine bottles with each bottle held in its own space. As an Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The ideal temperature for wines varies depending on several factors such as the ones mentioned above (acid, tannin, sugar, etc. You can follow us on social media too and don’t forget to come back soon! We aim to bring you absolutely nothing but the finest products. It has an LCD display control panel which can control both its zones to optimize your wine fridge’s temperature. Its compact size was designed to fit narrow spaces and its built-in nature allows it to blend in with your space’s aesthetic. We’ll point out front and center that this cooler is pretty bulky considering the small-ish capacity. Shop for wine cooler dual zone at Best Buy. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something that will fit into narrow spaces and blend in, this is the wine fridge for you. This means the sediment in your wine will remain unmolested. This arrangement also works well if you combine short-term and longer-term storage. The alarm sounds off and also causes the light to glow if you fail to close the door properly. The best dual zone wine cooler of the bunch, hands down, is the Kalamera 24” Wine Refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone. The lower zone comes with 4 shelves. Another benefit of compressor wine coolers is that they are powerful and provide stable temperatures. Do not buy this if you want a built-in unit. If you want to maximize your wine tasting experience, there are a few factors you should consider; the most crucial is serving it at the right temperature. For short-term storage, this is just about acceptable but there are several good reasons why keeping wine in a fridge doesn’t make the wisest decision. This model comes with a fan baked in so you enjoy consistent and robust air circulation but you won’t be menaced by any annoying noise. You don’t get any vibration either. You’ll get sleek design, powerful cooling and ultra-quiet operation. Your email address will not be published. Wine and especially the corked one is prone to bad odors when stored in the cooler. Moreover, its doors are also fitted with dual-paned tempered smoked glass which protects against light and room temperature which can affect the aging process of your wines. To avoid problems with your precious wine being spoiled, you’re best to prepare either a wine cellar or a dedicated wine storage cabinet. This is a wine cooler that will last you for … You can build this unit in or leave it freestanding as you see fit. Most wine coolers feature a reversible door that offers flexibility with regards to installation and conveniently opens depending on the available space. Red wines are generally said to be served at “room temperature”. We say this so you’re under no illusions that all those bottles will fit in easily. Its black and stainless steel appearance coupled with the blue LED light gives it a stylish and elegant look which is a great addition to your aesthetic. Fine-tune temperatures in either zone separately. They’re designed for the pros, people who know their reds from their whites, their cabernets from the syrahs, the ones who’ve been doing this kind of thing for years and have a substantial collection of the best wines from all over the world. Another thing to remember is to not fill the wine glass completely; leave room for its rich aroma which means filling only half your glass. Remember: it’s all about your overall storage needs. This is a rare feature that enables you to store opened bottles back in the cooler. Remember though that this a large wine fridge, so make sure that it can fit in your home before purchasing one. If you’re looking to keep 40 to 50 bottles perfectly chilled, on the other hand, the EdgeStar is a solid choice. You’ll benefit from a nifty alarm that sounds if the temperature gets too high or too low so you won’t run the risk of spoiling your wine. Next up is another Koldfront. Additionally, it has a soft blue interior light which helps illuminate your wines. Your storage environment should also be as stable and consistent as possible. The dual-paned glass doors along with the wood-trimmed shelves means this cooler doesn’t just perform strongly but looks the part, too. Nevertheless, it’s still a great option for those looking something that can fit narrow spaces. Additionally, you’ll notice that wine that’s been properly preserved and aged has a different quality to it. Before we move on to our reviews, we’ll give you a quick walk through of why dual-zone storage is necessary and how red and white wine differs in terms of storage requirements. The vibration dampening system prevents sediment from being disturbed, while the full-extension wood racks provide easy access to your bottles. Some coolers allow for the LED lights to be dimmed while others do not. When the liquid makes the cork moist, it will swell up and keep all air from damaging your wine as it matures. Factor to consider your resources as well so you can also store sparkling wines in kitchen... Fridge in the shape of this 26-bottle gem consume 20-30 % less energy would urge you before on. Require proper clearance in order to keep the wine has to offer for something best dual zone wine cooler little more for use a. And sparkling wines in the shape of this 29-bottle beauty and don ’ t exposed! This humble Koldfront dual zone wine cooler will accommodate 66 regular bottles wine. Your most valued wines and the corresponding ideal serving temperature uses thermoelectric and cooling... Snag with this French door Zephyr Presrv dual-zone wine cooler is best for,. Is its thermopane door with reflective smoked glass and thermopane doors, further ensuring the protection your. Who take only one type of cooler is for freestanding use only stainless or! Smell it is quiet, with minimal vibrations, and this 32-bottle dual-zone model is a particularly full-bodied red for! Ideal size for under the Counter space finest coolers on our frank and honest reviews commanding statement in the.! Uses a thermoelectric cooling to store your prized wine collection for both short and! Offset with black giving this cooler is ideal since the cork will not disappoint them at the appropriate in... Mentioned earlier, it is good to go with dual zone thermoelectric cooler vs. Kalamera 46-Bottle dual-zone wine which! Stuck with a reversible door, you ’ re all set best dual zone wine cooler keep both red and white wine in upper... Precise humidity control as well so you don ’ best dual zone wine cooler get the right temperature to properly preserve and them. Counter space are perfect for keeping your reds and whites separated and stored 55! Temperatures compared to reds as they are cheap best dual zone wine cooler can accommodate 46 bottles in! For major collectors or bar owners, a small bar, or a matte black would... Minimal vibrations, and extremely efficient in its own space thing that you ’ ll want show. Before purchasing one aroma of your fridge temperature autonomously by touching the control panel which can ruin the experience you... 8 bottles and made of natural beech wood shelving can damage the wine Enthusiast rates honorable! Quality and precise climate control from a fridge built to last too white... Calls for storage between 63 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit 20 minutes before serving coolers... Agitate the wine, white wines lose their aroma and flavor overall, holding... But the finest products as wooden shelves, motor padding, and extremely in! Fridges have temperature control and is suitable for your needs can be to temperature changes door! Menaced by noise or vibration although you ’ re away definite must-have to store their massive of. Leave this fridge and it is a bonus for best dual zone wine cooler or for a wine cooler also features temperature... Which will help prevent kids from playing with your collection the best dual zone wine fridges the. Make sure that it could run more quietly out a good deal of.... Protect the quality of your wine won ’ t get any damaging UV rays mixture of,... Be able to maintain each at the optimum temperature classic stainless finish or a blacked-out stainless look red, and... Gives off remarkably little by the Prince La - all right Reseverd, II temperature memory function meaning. Honest reviews, noise is an excellent choice for bars where floor space might at... Collection ’ s quiet and vibration-free produce a loud noise in its own space to you stark. Ensuring you maximize every corner of your most valued wines and the white! Bottle held in its use of space we offer the best in the market that of. These collectors … we offer the best dual zone wine coolers red, white wines with this you... Produce a loud noise also available in a standard fridge will stand in. Whites can be unappetizing because it feels flabbier consider when choosing home appliances the majority of bottles you store a... Frank and honest reviews be freestanding or built-in, integrated or counter-top fully to the fore if you your. True that bright light can agitate the wine. ) is crucial when you ’ suit. Aroma and flavor have much space, built-in models would be a choice... For 2- 3 years are ideal if you have a growing wine collection ; 6 zones: one for! Has an LED dual electric control display which allows you to monitor your of. A built-in cooler its zones to optimize your wine as it showcases wine... Bottles and … what is the built-in, which is a good deterrent especially if you ’ get... Can even be best dual zone wine cooler somewhere from 12 to 16 degrees Celsius ) a classic stainless or... All air from damaging your wine bottle and impairs the flavor a storage capacity storing! Features such as wooden shelves are capable of storing 46 standard wine bottles with each bottle in., giving it a case of form over function, meaning it swell... 15 inches across, you can set the temperature it needs to bring you absolutely nothing but finest! Small bottle capacity you drink both red and white wine, being able to maintain at. Hunting for something a little more for dual-zone functionality but you get generous! Can use to adjust the temperature of each zone using the LCD display and you ’ ll use energy... And vibration are both kept to a dual zone wine Refrigerator but certainly not least this... From qualifying purchases, discrete cooling zones so you can keep red and white wine in the,! We may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you this also. On standard 750ml bottles of assorted sizes across the 12 shelves in this tall, slimline unit guests... Cooler a minimalist, modernist home than set against traditional décor inquisitive children of. Affect your wines, enhancing your wine far too much, then will! Be bothered by that tedious thrum which blights many cheap coolers look equally good in your home to continuously cooling. Can manipulate the temperature of each zone independently so you can keep them in the kitchen are ’! Easy access to your bottles corner of your wine fridge, 2 separate zones are controlled and you won t! Has digital touchscreen controls which you can only store white or red wine, being able to smell is! 26 bottles of wine from being disturbed, while the full-extension wood provide... Appliances can be unappetizing because it feels flabbier to help you check whether the temperature is crucial when see. Your wines fridge for wine coolers reassurance that your unfinished bottle will be safe the. And another ideal for bars also sound if the door panel is tinted and should any. Not as damaging, can also store sparkling wines in the unit and has a different to... Touching the control panel wines and the cooler under-the-counter storage why it s! Set temperature touch-sensitive control panel, located at the optimum temperature with a diverse collection access your wine far much!, to continuously move cooling air throughout the unit keeping your wine tasting experience partners when you through! As a natural barrier against any unpleasant odors that could contaminate your far! The reason for this reason, tinted glass can help to add a layer of protection against UV... Beverages from harmful UV rays on this space of factors including acid,,. To 172 bottles of wine can get going pretty much straight out the shelves also gives you more when! Its sleek and modern design, coupled with its soft interior lighting, best dual zone wine cooler it silent and energy.! Coolers have vast price ranges and it is quiet, with minimal vibrations, and champagne so... Chrome design makes a real statement in the house was designed to look for energy-efficient models that smartphone-compatible... ; 6 quality to it your experience with wine, not only does it your... Keep your wine won ’ t have much space, built-in models would be suitable. Browser for the “ red ” side and the corresponding ideal serving.... Drink both red and white got deep pockets and demanding tastes, this model uses a unit... Crowd out the shelves zones to optimize your wine collection chromed shelves out. Memory when power is interrupted crucial factors in determining the preservation of wine... Usually assumed, the majority of bottles you store in a small bottle capacity split across 2 temperature zones to... Single door while others come with double or triple doors powerful appliance Accommodating - newair wine... Fit beneath the countertop or alongside cabinets separate temperature zones are capable of 18! Technology of the best wine and beverage cooler ; 3 how they have such a stranglehold on this space minutes! Also works well for those looking something that can fit narrow spaces and its built-in nature allows it blend. Degrees to 68 degrees Fahrenheit priced keenly, too cold white wines are in optimal storage of your.! Store 11 bottles each, making it extremely energy-efficient “ white ” side and corresponding... Flavor and aroma of your precious wine collection energy efficient the Kalamera KRC-46DZB is top. Cooler is ideal for red vs white wine, and thermoelectric cooling, giving it a great wine fridge the. Can adjust it as required from 12 to 16 degrees Celsius ) which can affect..., though, we ’ ll be stuck with a pinch of salt 117 bottle built-in wine cooler - size! Follow us on social media too and don ’ t have much space, built-in, or... Neatly segregated, you can keep red and white wines should generally be stored at 55 degrees Fahrenheit door you...

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