How to Avoid Aggressiveness in Dogs

Having a dog is a most rewarding experience. However, sometimes it can become real torture if it is an aggressive animal. Hence, the importance of this not happening, since it can lead to serious consequences that we are all aware of. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to avoid aggressiveness in dogs.

Some aggressiveness in dogs is normal

We have to keep in mind that a certain aggressiveness in dogs is natural. It is based on the fact that the dog is a sociable animal, prepared to live in a pack or pack. Within the group, there is a hierarchy. There is a pack chief, or super-alpha, dominant alpha dogs at different levels, but not as much as the leader, and then others who are more submissive. The head of the pack will use aggression to control and protect the group, in addition to punishing what he does not consider appropriate.

The rest of the members will also do it, maintain the status, climb on it, take care of the puppies or get food. The most submissive can also behave this way out of fear. It is natural: It guarantees the survival of the group and the relationships they have with each other.

When they live with humans, they continue to maintain the same behaviors. For this reason, they act as if we were part of that pack and, depending on their role in the group, will assign us one. That is why it is essential that you soon perceive who is in charge at home. Of course, it has to be us.

A separate case is that of owners looking for a dog for purposes other than living together. You will find more information in the article Are there aggressive dogs or are there dangerous owners?

What aspects to consider to avoid aggressiveness in dogs

It is essential that we consider these four points to avoid aggressiveness in dogs:


Establish, first, the type of dog you want: companion, guardian or any other.

Then, meditate on the environment in which you will live: if there are children, elderly people, the time we have to take care of you, how is our house if there are other pets … Anyway, everything the animal will find when it arrives.

Then, you can start to gather information about the different races that exist and choose the most appropriate for your circumstances. Quiet and obedient dogs can be a good Election.


It is important that you keep in mind that in the life of a dog there are two key moments in the development of his personality. Both happen while still a puppy:

  • Primary Socialization: until the second month of life. In this period the mother instinctively encourages the most submissive to become stronger, while trying to appease the character of those who are more aggressive. Hence it is vital that weaning does not occur before the end of this stage.
  • Secondary Socialization: begins at the end of the previous one and lasts up to four months. At this time, as the owner, you have to adopt the role that the mother has developed until then and make the pet understand that now you are the head of the pack.

If you do not want to take risks and if the dog is to live in a family environment, choose the one who has shown a more submissive character in the litter.


Regardless of the chosen puppy, you have to continue educating him. It is essential that the dog understands as soon as possible what the prize and punishment represent, and you should always avoid hitting the animal. Likewise, it is essential that the action is rewarded or reprimanded at the moment since the dog does not have the ability to relate a fact to another if they do not happen at the moment.

4. Veterinarian

The role of the veterinarian is essential. Every time you visit it, you should discuss with him any aggressive behavior that the animal has manifested. The earlier a possible aggressiveness is diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated. Don’t overlook the signs. If you do it thinking that it is something temporary when you want to act it may be too late. Remember that these types of trends do not diminish by themselves, but quite the opposite. Aggression in dogs always goes to more.

5. Trainer

If despite all your efforts, your dog continues to show aggressiveness, it is best to seek the help of a trainer. There are many techniques that should only be taught by a professional.

Put into practice all these tips and you will get your dog is not aggressive.

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