The 25 Breeds of Dogs That Best Protect Your Home, We Tell You Here!

Dogs have been with a man for centuries fulfilling different functions. There are shepherd dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, dogs for therapy, rescue and rescue. Nowadays, although most people adopt them as pets, there are those who seek a plus in them: they also protect their home. Almost all dogs act instinctively as guardians of the home. Some simply bark at strangers. Others may attack those who dare to enter their territory without permission, that is, your home. But what are the races that best perform this task?

List of dog breeds that best protect your home

We provide you with a list of 25 ideal dog breeds to fulfill the function of protectors of your house. These are animals that have a genetic inclination to guard what they consider their territory and herd. Anyway, keep in mind that genetics is not everything in this life and that other conditions can influence the character of your pet.

  1. Rottweiler: Originally raised to care for cattle, today he is one of the best guardians in the world: intelligent, imposing and loyal.
  2. German Shepherd: One of the most popular dogs and who does not hesitate to attack to defend his own.
  3. Akita Inu: Originally from Japan, very protective and brave.
  4. Chow Chow: It is of Chinese origin and is distrustful of strangers.
  5. Australian Livestock Pastor: Always alert around you. You can be aggressive with those who don’t know your warnings.
  6. Doberman: In addition to being extremely intelligent, it is agile and fast and can reach an intruder in a short period.
  7. Belgian Shepherd Malinois: He is energetic, brave and intelligent. With strangers, it usually shows aggressiveness.
  8. Australian Shepherd: It is an independent, brave and protective animal.
  9. American Leopard Hound: If you are a leopard hunter, imagine the rest.
  10. Rhodesian Crested: Originally raised to hunt lions, this dog has a strong instinct for prey. It is not naturally obedient.
  11. English Mastweiler: It is the result of the crossing of two very protective races: the English Mastiff and the Rottweiler.
  12. Airedale Terrier: It is one of those who are always aware of what is happening in your home and the surroundings.
  13. Anatolian Shepherd: A dog is always alert when it comes to guarding the home.
  14. Norwegian Elk Hunter: This is a little known breed of protective and brave dogs.
  15. Neapolitan Mastiff: Belonging to one of the oldest lineages. The Romans used it as a war dog.
  16. English Mastiff: A very protective and vigilant dog.
  17. Bullmastiff: It stands out for its physical strength and its instincts of protection, courage, and extreme family loyalty.
  18. Australian German Shepherd: The crossbreeding determines in this dog a great protective sense.
  19. Belgian Shepherd: Active and energetic, he can become aggressive to protect his own.
  20. Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense: It is a very active and energetic dog. He is always alert.
  21. Kerry Blue Terrier: This is a large animal with a great protective instinct, which can become aggressive with strangers.
  22. San Weiler: Result of the crossing between a Rottweiler and a San Bernardo. It is a very protective dog and always vigilant with strangers.
  23. Schnoodle: This small animal is, however, determined, very protective and always willing to defend his family.
  24. Caucasian Shepherd: He is intelligent, aggressive, protective and always alerts.
  25. English Mastiff: Result of the crossing between the English Mastiff and the Neapolitan, always attentive to possible threats to his family.

Final tip

When choosing a pet with these characteristics, keep in mind that you must be particularly demanding and persistent in your training. This will prevent possible aggressive attitudes from overflowing and bring consequences that you have to regret. For this reason, your dog has to be clear from the outset that the head of the pack is you. And that it is you who sets the rules. And it must be clear to you that you must be responsible for your dog’s attitudes. This way you will achieve a protected house and an excellent companion for you and your family.

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