The 5 Most Dramatic Dog Breeds

If you love dogs you will know that each breed has its own temperament. There are quiet, playful, guardian, bustling and even dramatic specimens. Yes, dramatic. That is, many animals tend to be somewhat exaggerated in their behavior. In this post, we show you the 5 most dramatic dogs that confirm this particularity.


Funny, loyal and very, very small, Chihuahua dogs have a great personality. In many cases, these specimens, due to their temperament, tend to be somewhat exaggerated and present quite peculiar behaviors.

According to several studies, the bad character that certain specimens belonging to the Chihuahua breed can show has their origin in their genetic condition. Therefore, beyond the existence of early socialization of the little ones, it is a fact that their temperament is unlikely to change. However, do not give up. If you have this type of animal in your home, it is best to try to train him with some commands, so that everything is more harmonious and that his behavior is not so neurotic.

On the other hand, many dogs may fall into such attitudes due to poor training by their owners. Some owners may consent to their furry little ones. In that sense, it is very important to determine certain limits so as not to have to witness some situations in which pets become kings of drama.


Wonderful and very companions, the Dachshunds have a great personality. Because they were raised independently and trained to kill their prey, popularly known as dachshunds are usually quite stubborn animals. As a consequence of their stubborn nature, it is very common that they bark excessively and are very hysterical.

If you have a copy of this breed in your home, you should train it from its earliest years to avoid bad behavior. Effective training is a must for all dogs, including sausages.

If you have children, be very careful. The Dachshunds, having strong hunting instincts, can look at the kids as prey, especially when they are waving their arms or are making loud noises.

On the other hand, the great courage that the Dachshunds have, in the cities can be a problem, since this type of specimens tends to bark at other dogs and chase them. They also love to dig and make extensive tunnels. That is why they can be considered among the most dramatic dog breeds.


The temperament of the Beagle is very unique. Loyalists and companions are excellent companion dogs although on certain occasions they tend to show their capricious and possessive character, especially if they are puppies. But it is natural. This breed needs to spend a lot of time to burn energy and if it does not do so rigorously it may affect its behavior transforming it into an animal that is too hyperactive and dependent.

The Beagle will be very tempted to disturb rabbits, hamster or any other creature you may have as a pet. With its extraordinary nose, this breed of dogs will catch up in the smell and will not give up in its attempt to seize them. If smaller pets are out of reach, this will only frustrate the dog, which will farm and howl without rest. Therefore, not to add excuses to his drama, you better not share your house with smaller animals such as mice, guinea pigs, ferrets or the like.


They love fun, overflow with energy and tend to be very carefree. Pugs are all that and much more. However, sometimes your temper can cause the occasional headache. Although, in general, this type of dog is not aggressive at all, they tend to be somewhat possessive with family members and that is when it becomes one of the most dramatic dogs that exist.

Because of their small size, Pugs require a daily physical activity fee to stay healthy and fit. In that sense, a daily walk through the neighborhood or a scramble in the backyard can complement that dose of physical activity they need.


Clowns, nice and cheerful, Bassett dogs tend to get along very well with everyone and be tolerant of other types of dogs. However, sometimes living with them can be a problem.

Bassett’s dogs are always willing to obey, but their nature and hunter instinct can cause some headaches. When they are outdoors they usually bark at everything within their reach. They tend to be somewhat stubborn and on those occasions, they ignore commands or orders.

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