The right scratching post for your cat: which one to choose among the various types

Anyone who has a cat at home cannot do without a scratching post. Choose the best cat scratching post. Its strengths are really known to everyone. It is one of the most important accessories to buy when living with a cat. A first-choice especially when you don’t have a garden in which to run your pet. This item allows cats to climb, wear and file their nails, scratching on the rough materials it is made of. The scratching post for a domestic cat has the same function as a tree for a similar one who lives in the open air. A recommended expense also to avoid that our cat can sharpen its claws on sofas, curtains, doors, and carpets as always happen in the absence of a scratching post. How many of you has this happened to?

There are so many models in circulation: starting from the cheapest items, made of corrugated cardboard, up to those with the appearance of trees and columns that can reach even high heights, reaching up to the ceiling. Some scratching posts also feature ropes, charms, and toys. There are wall models that attach to the wall; others on the ceiling. In this guide, we will try to illustrate the types of scratching posts on the market, the materials used, the features and functionality of this product.

What is a scratching post and what is it for

The scratching post, also known by many as a scratcher, is a product intended for cats. Its surface is usually made of cardboard or in any case with rough materials so that our cat can have fun and burn all its energy. A real gym that keeps our pets on the move and avoids obesity or overweight problems. Laziness is one of the characteristics of most cats – this is well known – so keeping them moving is what is needed. This accessory usually develops vertically: Cats like to be in control of the room they are in. The scratching post must therefore be much higher than the cat. The width of an ideal scratching post will be calculated, however, taking into account that it must at least correspond to that of the cat when it is lying down.

Always better to opt for a stable and heavy scratching post. A product that is too light could be dangerous for the cat because it could tip over. We know very well that cats are very wary: the fall could represent an obstacle for later use of the scratching post.

There are not a few felines who find their scratching post comfortable and convenient enough to choose it as a base for their naps during the day. Another valid reason to buy this item is to want to protect their furniture and pieces of furniture: cats like to “mark” the territory with claws and fingertips. Better to shift their attention, and especially their paws, to the scratcher.

Its ideal location

Where to place our cat scratching post? It is the first question that arises at the end of the purchase. The answer is simple: the scratching post should be placed in the busiest room in the house. Your cat will stop climbing on the furniture and “admiring” you from above while you may be sitting in an armchair watching television. All his enthusiasm will be projected on the scratching post where he will go to vent all his energy.

The living room is one of the most popular rooms to place the scratching post for your cat. The corridor of the house is also very popular as it represents a passage area. Placing this accessory in a less-frequented area could prove to be an unsuitable choice: the cat may even ignore its game. The scratching post should be placed in a room where the cat is comfortable; in a place, therefore, that the feline considers safe. In winter even better if placed near some heat source. Those who have more than one cat in the house should purchase at least a couple of scratching posts to be placed in several rooms of the house.

The types

There are different types and sizes of scratching posts on the market. The items also change according to the needs of the buyer, as well as the space available at home. The carpet scratching posts are without a doubt the cheapest and simplest model on the market. They are designed as rugs with a square shape and softer fabric; only some areas are rough and allow the cat to file its nails: the dimensions of these scratching posts are approximately 50 x 50 centimeters.

The most popular type is the one that has scratching posts with the shape of a doormat: they are made of cardboard, have a slightly higher height than the carpet and a rope surface. Many times there are also catnip sachets supplied which are used to push our four-legged to play with the scratching post. These models are especially ideal for small cats that are not yet able to climb or jump from side to side.

Doormat-shaped scratching posts are advantageous because they are not bulky. There will be no difficulty for the cat owner in placing this accessory in the house. However, these are articles that are functional only to file the feline’s nails without stimulating them too much to move and play.

Other scratching posts for sale are those in the shape of a log: they are always cheap products and suitable for cats at an early age. They are characterized by a wide base and a column positioned in the center; they very often reach 80 centimeters in height. Often at the top, there is a ball or a soft toy with which the cat can have fun. It is always necessary to make sure that the item is firm and stable to prevent it from tipping over.

The log scratching posts develop in height and therefore do not take up much space in the house. The column, in most models, appears covered in rope.

The scratching posts, with a more complex structure and a higher cost, are those with trees. These items always develop in height and have several floors. The base is wide as in the models described above but there are ladders, hammocks, and many other more games. It is undoubtedly the most appreciated scratching post by cats because they are multifunctional: the cat can file its nails but at the same time also climb, jump, play, and then sleep and relax.

These models are larger and therefore need more space to be placed in the house. These are products that stimulate the cat’s imagination and allow them to fight laziness. Some tree scratching posts can also be hooked to the ceiling: they can even reach a height of 150 centimeters. The weight, on the other hand, is around 10 kilos. Always check that it is a stable item to prevent the product from tipping over and the cat from getting hurt.

Ladders, plush balls, hammocks, and tubes: these are some of the additional elements present in the most expensive and equipped scratching posts. Some models are also equipped with beds so that your cat, after playing, can also relax and take a nap.

The materials

One of the aspects to take into consideration when buying a scratching post is related to its structure. These products must be stable and very robust in order to support the weight of the cat or even more cats. The most resistant models are those that have a wooden structure; the simplest and most essential are the cardboard scratching posts. The latter is cheaper but also less durable products than wooden ones: they tend, in fact, to break after a short time.

The materials of the logs are always rough because they are functional for the cat to file its nails. Especially popular are rope and sisal, which is a natural textile fiber. The rest of the upholstery is made up of softer fabrics so that the cat can also decide to sleep on it. Of course, the materials used to make the scratching post must all be non-toxic: your four-legged friend could even nibble on it.

When purchasing the scratching post, you must also pay attention to the color of the product we have chosen for our feline. Better to opt for an article that has a similar tint to the color of the cat’s fur. The tufts that will be deposited on the base of the scratching post will thus be less visible for those who come to visit us. Then just use a vacuum cleaner to remove them in a short time.

However, most scratching posts on the market are gray or brown. The colors, therefore, recall those of the hair of cats. A great way to camouflage your kitty’s tufts when you can’t take care of home hygiene every day.

How to choose the right model

The scratching post for cats is a very useful product for our four-legged friends because it allows them to have fun, jump, sharpen their nails, and rest. There are some features to consider when choosing. Under the lens some factors, such as the material, shape, size, and age of the cat.

As for the materials, on the market, there are both models made with synthetic and natural products. The most popular tower scratching posts are those in natural sisal. Some have a plastic structure and are then covered in soft fabric. The color changes according to the article as well as the design according to the space we have available in the house.

Another important aspect of choosing the “scratcher” is that of stability: the scratching post must be solid in order to support the weight of the cat and not wobble. If we have more than one cat in the house, let’s check what is the maximum weight that this item can hold. The aspect of weight and size is also fundamental: the scratching post must be high so that the cat can stretch and stretch completely. Cats really like to observe the rest of the world from above: if there is a bunk above, it will surely be appreciated by your four-legged friend. As for the measurements, keep an eye on the space you have available in your apartment.

The shape of the scratcher can also be chosen according to the “tastes” of your cat: if your cat loves climbing it will certainly have different preferences from those who love to stretch. If you have more than one cat at home, it is better to buy at least two scratching posts to avoid possible clashes. Last but not least for choosing the ideal scratching post is the age of the cat. A kitten may need more hanging toys to have fun, while a larger scratcher will be beneficial for adult cats.

If your cat continues to claw on furniture in the house, you have to run for cover. Buying new pieces of furniture is not the right alternative. One of the remedies is to spread lemon or menthol oil on the surfaces so that it can stay away from it.

To attract the cat to its scratcher, however, you can use catnip so that the scratching post can become more attractive to your cat who will spend his time sniffing and playing. To keep it active it is always better to hang a toy with a rope or a soft toy at the top. If your cat is young and playful, try buying a scratching post with multiple hanging items so that he can really indulge himself. The balls with the rattle inside or even the various animals of all colors and sizes are very popular. Seeing is believing!

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